The Venue Barn @ Kimsey Acres

The Venue Barn at Kimsey Acres


What Perfect Looks Like…

Whether you’re searching for wedding venues or simply need space to host your party or corporate event, The Venue Barn is your solution. We’re Cleveland’s premier event and wedding venue.

Our goal, is to not only provide you with the greatest customer service in the industry, but to do everything within our power to ensure your event perfect in every way.

From arranging a caterer or rental items, to providing a licensed minister for wedding ceremonies, we’re your full service venue and event planner. You decide how little or how much you want our staff do and we’ll get busy making your event as perfect as humanly possible. Our staff has over 40 years combined event and wedding planning experience.

Although there are several event and wedding venues in Cleveland and nearby Chattanooga, none are as beautiful and “rusticly elegant” at The Venue Barn at Kimsey Acres. Our beautiful farm and wedding venue, boasts over 21 acres of rolling farmland, home to horses and gorgeous views.

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Barns are magical…

Ziggy Wisniewski’s earliest memory is of a sunny morning in 1958, when he was four. Light was pouring in the door of the beloved barn on his family farm in Jerseyville, Ont., as his father hooked up a pair of workhorses. The farmer effortlessly hoisted his son up onto one of them and led the team out to the fields: Little Ziggy’s legs stuck straight out across the horse’s broad back as he held tight to her mane, excitement and pride pushing fear from his mind.*

“The barn will always stand in my memory,” Wisniewski says. “You go in the barn and all your problems go away. Time stands still.”

Among event and wedding venues, The Venue Barn at Kimsey Acres is the perfect place!



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Absolutely perfect venue for a wedding and reception. The staff and Mr. Kimsey always make sure you’re completely taken care of. The barn is huge and beautiful and perfect, can be decorated in any way possible! It is an amazing venue and I can’t wait to see this venue flourish. Book now, because this venue is going to be raising the bar for all Chattanooga (and area) barn venues. Amazing!

Kelsey McClure

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to be married here, even before all the major updates. I adore the owners & would recommend everyone to be married here! Definitely the best & easiest choice for my husband & I to choose this venue. We also had the pleasure of Ray Kinsey (owner) to marry us.

Rebecca Maxwell

We had the most amazing wedding day at The Venue Barn at Kimsey Acres!!!! Beautiful location and by far the most helpful event planners. The event planner made sure that every detail was covered to make this day happen!!! Mr. And Mrs. Kimsey were the most gracious hosts on my daughters big day. Thank you all so much!!!!

Lisa Pugh

Amazing place!!! Gorgeous! Big open area and on gorgeous land. Everyone very friendly

Christy Brown